- Red and Blue

First Broadway Set

- Elphaba (Wicked)

- Aaron & Casey (First Date)

- Ulla (The Producers)

- Velma Kelly (Chicago)

A Very Whovian Christmas :) 

Merry Christmas to all Whovians out there! 

Check out the full set here on Behance

Wallpapers here and here :)

I got the first half done! Counting down to this year’s Christmas Special!

People have been asking how I do these illustrations. So here it is. It’s pretty basic really, and it’s even gonna be simpler if you know how to draw.

I used to do Blazers in Photoshop, but I transferred to Illustrator so I can reuse them more. Plus Illy’s really the standard for these kinds.

Let’s do the Time Warp AGAIN!


Hey guys.

I’m sorry that I’m not updating this page much. I’m working on my thesis this term and it’s kinda heavy.

But I will let you know when I’m opening the requests again. Maybe when I finally post that Young Justice set that I’m working on

To the undone requests, I’m really sorry and I’ll see what I can do.